Just imagine…  

You’ve just heard that your partner or other family member is diagnosed with Alzheimer.

It is sad news and the beginning of a period where you struggle with a lot of questions and doubts.

What does your relative need? How do you cope with the disease? And how do you overcome this hard time in your life? Dealing with daily life situations can become daunting tasks.

Depending on the stage of the illness you might face different changes in behaviour and personality and unexpected situations. For you as a caregiver, it requires the ability to constantly adapt.

Alzheimer Care Trainer helps you in your daily care routines!

Alzheimer Care Trainer (ACT) is a personalized simulation that will support you to find the best interaction with the person you care for during daily care situations.

How does ACT work?

Our simulation lets you enter a virtual 3D world, where you can experience real-life interactions with the person you care for. You can customize the simulation according to your own personal real-life situation, allowing you to learn and to benefit when dealing with various scenarios.

Benefits of ACT

•  Improved communication skills
•  Acquisition of adequate caring strategy
•  Sharing experiences with other informal caregivers
•  Educational feedback on what you experience

Example scenarios:

Learn to deal either with the loss of appetite or weight loss. Learn how to react positively to changing abilities to eat.


Learn to deal with negative attitudes from your relative towards personal care activities such as taking shower or simply washing hands.


Learn to deal with conflict that might occur due to the agitation symptoms of your relative.


Learn successful strategies to trigger positive emotions through the use of pets for diverting attention.

It’s not just a simulation, it’s a platform

ACT is integrated into an extensive platform, helping you to deal with the new situations around your loved one as best as possible. It consists of the following modules: 


The information center contains independent knowledge, tips and tricks from patient organisations. The information will be tailored to your specific needs. 


ACT contains an overview of useful tools and products that can help you deal with Alzheimer. We guide you through selecting the right product and give an independent review, help you to buy it and show you if it can be covered by insurance.


Other people who also experienced caring for someone with Alzheimer are often the best advisors. 
ACT contains an interactive forum, where you can share experiences and chat with your peers.


Within the ACT platform, you can request coaching directly from a volunteer of Alzheimer Nederland or a care professional. Together with the data from the serious game, this person can help you to deal with difficult situations more effectively.



Our Team

ACT is developed by a consortium of research, development and knowledge partners and is funded by the EU.


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